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January 18, 2006

Introducing Some Categories for your Delectation

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What’s in this Edition? 

  • What’s New?      What are some of your favorite publications covering in their current issues?
  • Great Finds       Useful tools from outside the industry.
  • Previously unknown Tools       New to us.. maybe new to you too?
  • What’s Going On?       Events you  may want to check out.

* What’s New? 



January 11 – Blogging: A Primer for Volunteer Managers, by Joan Perry.  What are blogs and are volunteer resources managers using them?

January 4 – The Less Tangible Value Volunteers Bring to your Organization, by Nan Hawthorne.  However you calculate the hourly monetary value of volunteer work, there are other types of value they bring that money simply cannot buy.

On Volunteer Today


Volunteer Today has monthly articles and news stories on Boards and Committees, Training, Recruiting and Retention, Government, Supervision of volunteers and more.  Here are just a few of the many articles you will find in this month’s issue.

In Recruiting and Retention – View of the Future—Issues for Volunteerism: Part Two.  Futurists predict trends in health care and other areas  that may affect your volunteer program.

In Training, Quick-Assessment of Training.  Three ways to tell if your volunteer training is working.

In Management and Supervision, a quick test you can take to see if you are cut out for Leading Volunteers.

You can also subscribe to their email updates for free.

On eVolunteerism


eVolunteerism is a paid subscription publication with regular departments: Feature Articles, Point of View, Keyboard Roundtable, Research to Practice and more.  Here are just some of the offerings from the current issue.

How Much Is An Hour of Volunteer Time Worth? By Sarah Jane Rehnborg with Carolyn Barker and Mark Pocock 

The Power of Personal Connections, by Katherine H. Campbell 

A Review of “Volunteers in Action – Engaging Volunteers in the HIV/AIDS Sector”, by Steven Howlett



Here’s to a truly inclusive New Year, by Andy Fryar.   Developing an awareness of the many differences in human experience.

On World Volunteer Web


The Current Highlight is “Is volunteering always about money? Who is a true volunteer?”  The discussion about  whether there are volunteer opportunities for the poor has spread to other discussions, such as CyberVPM’s (http://www.avaintl.org) spirited debate on whether formal volunteerism is a product of the middle class.

The Resource Center


Many of their articles and other offerings change weekly, so you might find something different when you get there.

In Effective Practices Collection,  Starting a new program.  Five steps for new program directors to establish a strong program.

Are there publications you would like an update on here at the VRM Clearinghouse?  Let us know at Nan.hawthorne@verizon.net .

* Great Finds  

Here we list some jewels found in unexpected places.

Free Management Library


Developed by Carter McNamara, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, this huge resource offers links to authoritative materials on many aspects of nonprofit management including volunteer programs.

* Previously Unknown Tools  

Liability and the law:  State Liability Laws for Charitable Organizations and Volunteers   http://nonprofitrisk.org/pubs/PDFs/sll.pdf

The Nonprofit Risk Management Center offers this tool for nonprofit organizations as an Adobe Reader file.

Inclusive practices:  Helping Managers Understand Mental Health Problems  http://www.conferenceboard.ca/boardwiseii/signin.asp

Register for free on the Conference Board of Canada’s  e-Library for information to help you address concerns about working with mentally ill volunteers.

Background screening:  Blake Lightholder shared the following information with us about his company:

VolunteerCheck. works with volunteer and nonprofit groups to provide risk management by checking the backgrounds of their staff and volunteers.  We are a for-profit company, but we do offer reduced rates to volunteer groups.  You can find more information on the kinds of searches we provide at www.volunteercheck.com .

We also have another site that we offer as a free resource called www.ResumeFraud.com .  This site was created by the pre-employment screening arm of our business and has a number of tools that might be helpful for nonprofit managers who are interviewing for paid positions.

* What’s Going On?

Starting with our next issue we will provide information on conferences and other events of interest.  Make sure yours is mentioned by writing to Nan.hawthorne@verizon.net .

Visit Volunteer Resources Management Clearinghouse at https://vrmclearinghouse.wordpress.com regularly to find updates and comment on content.

Until next time,

Nan Hawthorne,  Editor, Volunteer Resources Management Clearinghouse

Don’t forget to check out VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT REVIEW at http://CharityChannel.com/enewsletters/vmr for weekly articles on managing volunteer resources!

(c) 2006 Nan Hawthorne


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